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About Us - Staging

Starting as a blacksmith shop on the banks of the San Antonio River in 1875 by Prussian immigrants, Alamo Iron Works operations have spanned three centuries. Overt that time, AIW has grown into the most unique and diverse hybrid distribution and fabrication company in San Antonio.

From its inception, AIW has contributed to the development and modernization of San Antonio and South Texas.  The company was influential in the construction of many buildings and landmarks such as the Olmos Dam, the Menger Hotel, the Milam Building, two Alamo National Bank buildings, the Maverick Building, the Municipal Auditorium, the Ursuline Academy, and many others that reflect the creativity, innovation, skills, and craftsmanship of Alamo Iron Works and its dedicated employees. To this day, manhole covers that were cast by AIW foundries since 1885 can still be found on many downtown San Antonio and South Texas streets.  

Alamo’s influence also extends far beyond the city of San Antonio, carving a legacy of beauty and function from El Paso to the Coast into such projects as the San Jacinto Monument, the Corpus Christi Sea Wall, the Enron building and Reliant Center in Houston, and the Amistad and Falcon dams on the Rio Grande River. 

Although Alamo Iron Works proudly cherishes its rich past, , the company recognizes that it is now operating in a global marketplace, and must constantly refresh their model to adapt to the ever-changing needs of today’s business environment.

AIW’s customer base extends to over 6,000 end-users covering three quarters of the state of Texas. A large offering of industrial/MRO supplies, steel and rebar products and full fabrication services are filled from three locations in San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley.

From fabricating 30-foot steel skids for the energy field to using complex EDI protocols to ship indirect materials for a national Fortune 50 company across the country, AIW continually looks for ways to provide value beyond just selling products.  The new Alamo thrives in today’s changing and challenging business environment by providing customers targeted value-added services on a timely and economical basis.

Alamo Iron Works has always been guided by its core values – Integrity, Fairness, Respect, Caring, Diversity, and Commitment to Service, Teamwork and Excellence.  A strict adherence to these values and an unwavering attention to customer service will keep Alamo Iron Works a viable company well into the next century.